The Four Types of Commercial Cleaning Agents Explained

Restaurant kitchens or any such similar places are constantly exposed to dirt and stains which makes cleaning a difficult task. Unlike domestic cleaning, commercial cleaning is more challenging due to the sheer scale and size of businesses. It is important to have knowledge of different cleaning agents that work best for different surfaces and have numerous applications. Cleaning agents are generally classified into types depending on their applications, benefits, purposes and so on. Each agent works best when you use it after understanding its unique features. Once you know which agent is meant for what purposes, cleaning commercial places will be quite easy and quick. Let us take a look at the properties of these four commercial cleaning chemicals to better understand its uses and benefits.


The first type of commercial cleaning agent known as abrasives are the right solution to tackle tough grease. Commercial kitchens usually suffer from such stains and using this cleaning agent is the only to wave goodbye to grease. Utensils or floors can be cleaned easily as it can penetrate deep into hard surfaces. However, abrasives are not suitable for delicate surfaces as they can leave a scratch due to their tough cleaning properties.


These types of cleaning agents must be used only after diluting. As you know, acids have very strong properties and using it directly on surfaces will do more harm than good. If a particular surface that has accumulated rust has to be cleaned, these cleaning agents are an apt option. Usually industrial equipment or any other machine with iron and metal parts develops rust easily due to exposure to the atmosphere. This causes chemical reactions which finally leads to the formation of rust. Removal of rust and mineral deposits is possible with acids.


These cleaning agents again have great applications in the kitchen areas. Normally, you can find grease sticking to several surfaces and cleaning them from grill, counters or exhausts is always tiresome. But degreasers can remove stains effortlessly and they are ideally preferred in restaurant kitchens for instant cleaning. These agents are not at all poisonous or toxic which means they are absolutely safe to be used.


Detergents are a common cleaning material used even for domestic cleaning purposes. However, commercial cleaning also relies heavily on these agents as a quick way to remove dust and dirt. These are used in combination with water so that it can be washed away. It also leaves a nice fragrance after cleaning. Most detergents are sold in gel, crystals, powder or liquid form.


These are the most popular cleaning agents that have proved beneficial for commercial cleaning. When used in the right proportions, they can clean hard surfaces with ease. Choose a range of cleaning products Dubai to further aid the cleaning process.

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