What You Need to Know When Buying Car Tyres

It is vital to purchase a new set of cars tyres for your vehicle from a reputable and legitimate tyre company. While this may sound obvious, it is important to understand that car tyres are what keeps the car on the road. Additionally, there are factors such as tread, wear and tear, grip, and rolling resistance that need to also be taken into account as they significantly influence the performance delivered by the vehicle. In order to find the right, fit you need to understand a couple of factors. These include the tyre size, speed rating and load index. Below, we discuss the various factors that you need to know before you buy tyres online UAE.

Ensure Your Vehicle is in Good Condition

Check the tyres for signs of wear and tear, which may translate to suspension or alignment problems. Also, check the interior for more wear or an abnormal pattern across the tread’s width.

If you install new tyres on a vehicle with bad shocks or misaligned vehicles, you are wasting your funds. The new set of tyres will wear faster than you can imagine, and you will have to get another set again.

Most tyre stores will check the status of the current tyres and evaluate your vehicle’s condition before getting the new tyres.

Check the Wheels

Most drivers in Dubai like to customize their set of rims. If your vehicle’s wheels are damaged or worn, you may want to think of getting a new set of tyres when you get new units.

Don’t fall for looks only when choosing tyres. Match the size of the to the original set, as much as possible. While larger sizes may look amazing on your vehicle, there is some mathematics in finding the right match for your car’s wheels.

Bigger wheels have a low aspect ratio. Meaning it will be difficult to turn and handle your car properly. Ensure the exterior diameter of the tyres are the same as the original sets with bigger wheels, translating to shorter sidewalls.

Understand the Tyre Code

All tyres for cars come with a standardized code found on the sidewall. They contain information about speed rating, size, and other information.  For instance, a code may be LT 355/75R 16 98J N+S. LT stands for Light Truck to show the purpose of the tyre.

For Michelin tyres products, P means Passengers. The digit, 355 is for width in millimeters and the other to for the height-to-width ratio, also referred to as aspect ratio. The R stands for radial construction. While the last digit stands for wheel diameter, tyre load index, and speed rating.

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