Complete Guide to Using and Charging IQOS Heets

Complete Guide to Using and Charging IQOS Heets - OilAndGaslibya

IQOS is a slender gadget that is designed in a pen-shaped manner and is accompanied by an iPod looking portable charger that heats tobacco sticks by increasing the temperature. An IQOS is a sleek device that is battery powered and it heats pure tobacco instead of liquids containing nicotine. The device heats and doesn’t burn which eliminates the residue of ash and smoke. You can get Heets online Ajman.

IQOS gadgets are an advanced way of delivering nicotine to the body while simulating the feeling of taking a regular cigarette. Unlike the typical e-cigarettes available, the IQOS gadget uses an alternative method from heated liquids when delivering nicotine to the body. The device is equipped with a specially designed heat control mechanism which increases its temperature to about 350 degrees Celsius. The increase in temperature causes the tobacco to heat up and produce a smoke-free aerosol that contains the pure taste of tobacco, nicotine, and other flavors. The heat control mechanism helps in regulating and monitoring the heat of the device. This regulation helps in delivering the true taste of tobacco. If you just acquired one of these devices and you are wondering how to use them, here are some basic steps to follow to enjoy the gadget.

Complete Guide to Using and Charging IQOS Heets - OilAndGaslibya

Separate The Device From The Charger

The first step when it comes to using the IQOS is separating the device from the charger when it is adequately powered. The IQOS holder is placed inside of the iPod looking charger case.

Insert the Heat stick

The device usually comes with a pack of 20 heat sticks when you purchase it. You can pick one of the heat sticks and gently insert it into the holder.

Turn On The Holder

To turn on the IQOS holder, simply press the button and hold for about two seconds. This will cause the LED light on the holder to switch on and turn green. Wait for about twenty seconds before you take your first drag and ensure that the light on the holder remains solid green. You can enjoy one heat stick for about six minutes or a total of 14 drags before you have to change sticks.

Complete Guide to Using and Charging IQOS Heets - OilAndGaslibya


Change Sticks

When the time is elapsed the light on the holder goes off which is an indicator that the experience has come to a halt. To change the heat stick, pull on the cap of the IQOS holder until it stops before proceeding to retrieve the used heat stick.

Recharge the holder

When you are done, simply open the portable charger and place the holder back inside for it to be recharged and ready for the next use.

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