Five Advantages of Using an Overhead Crane

Overhead cranes are used to transport material from one end to another at a warehouse. To avoid complex machines, using an overhead crane is the simplest and wisest option to move materials. They allow operators to easily lift and move material by pressing few buttons. Most overhead cranes carry items horizontally. However, there are certain equipment that can be installed to ship products even vertically. They’re controlled by a person or manually through a control unit. If you’re looking to invest in one of these, here are some of their advantages before moving forward. You can contact overhead crane suppliers in UAE to get this machine set up at your unit as soon as possible.


They’re used in warehousing, which means to move hefty and bulky objects from the dock and back in it. They can also bring in products from storage areas. Furthermore, they are also used to transport products onto trailers and railcars.


Overhead cranes are a superior option compared to a forklift. The latter runs the risk of dropping objects. An overhead crane functions at height and horizontally ships objects from one end to the other. They are used to carry heavy objects as well. This is another advantage over other handling equipment. Other equipment might be hand-held and may not be safe to use due to risk to operators.


Nearly all overhead cranes come with a control system that is precise and definite. An operator can use this system to monitor the flow of objects. These machines are so exact in their function that the operators can choose exactly where to lift and drop material. This system can be integrated with the factory’s computer system for smooth functioning.

Clear Floor Space

The warehouse floor is clear for other purposes. That’s a huge plus point for any factory unit. This obstacle-free machine runs overhead with no obstruction to what is happening down below. You can install this device as you please. It will carry on its function without interruption.

Reduce Costs

Since the machine is doing the heavy uploading and lifting, there’s no strain on manpower. An operator using a remote control to monitor its movements. This leaves you with more manpower to carry out other tasks that might need more attention.

In Conclusion

In totality, these overhead cranes are easily customizable to your needs and the design of the industrial unit. You can add below the hook equipment to lift various types of material such as tongs, lifting beams, coil lifters and pallet lifters. These materials are widely available in the market by a crane manufacturing company.

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