Where and How to Invest to Get Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment?

There are many options to invest in the island country if you want to procure Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment. The process of application is pretty simple and you don’t have to counter any hassles for it. The administration is supportive of your cause and helps you in all possible ways to expedite the processing of your application without any delays. If you are interested in getting the country’s citizenship, then you need to consult a top-rated service provider for processing your application. For now, let us talk about the exact opportunities for investment and details related to them.

Invest in NDF

The NDF or the National Development Fund of the country is a marvelous option to invest funds if you wish to get citizenship under the program successfully. The minimum contribution amount is $100,000. You can pay the funds as a one-time payment. You can either go for the process as someone who is applying individually or someone with a family of no more than 4 members. If you have a family with 5 members or more, then you can go for an alternative solution. For the first sub-option, you will be required to invest an additional amount of US $30,000 for each member. For the second sub-option, you need to invest an additional amount to the tune of US $125,000 per dependent.

Real Estate Investment

Real estate sector is booming in this gorgeous country, offering ample scope for you to grow your wealth. The initial one-time investment amount is US $200,000. There are also processing fees involved, along with some diligence service charges. For the first option as mentioned in the previous point, you need to pay an additional amount of US $30,000. For the second option, the amount increases by US $15,000 per dependent.

Invest in A Business

The third and final option is to open a business in Antigua and Barbuda. You can easily do this by investing in the country’s market. The minimum investment in this case is US $1,500,000. There are provisions for joint investments that must be done in a regulated framework, respecting the legal bindings of the nation. Also, the processing fee, as per the rule book, must be paid to the concerned authority. There is a separate processing fee for dependents, if any. The whole procedure doesn’t take a lot of time on the execution front.

You must look for professional administrative help if you want your application under the program to be successful. In this regard, it is best to consult PassPro Immigration Services.

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